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How to Play Bingo Tournaments

A little history first:


Rogers Bingo is the first and only online bingo community to offer Bingo Tournaments with guaranteed monster jackpots. At Rogers Bingo, a lot of effort goes into being different. The reason why we created our Bingo Tournaments with guaranteed monster jackpots was because we wanted to increase the excitement, anticipation, and prizes. With Rogers Bingo Tournaments, we can keep ticket prices low and guarantee very large prizes. And the beauty of it is that somebody will win big. Every time.

Let’s get right into it:


Bingo Tournaments are always tons of fun and exciting because they offer guaranteed prizes. That means no matter what happens in the game, we guarantee that the prize(s) will be won by someone. Unlike the typical Bingo Progressive Jackpots where you will need to hit a specific pattern within a specific number of calls, in Bingo Tournaments you will just need to be the first person to hit the specific jackpot.

When you look at the tournament rooms, you will see a minimum required number of players. Until the room accumulates the required minimum, the tournament will not begin. Once it reaches the minimum requirements, 2 things might happen:


  1. A count down will appear to show when the game will begin. This count down will have a duration of up to 24 hours. You will be notified of the time and the exact duration.
  2. The game will immediately start.


The winner:

The first person to hit the “Cover-All” pattern will be guaranteed the full jackpot immediately.




Keep in mind that even if the tournament isn’t scheduled to begin soon, players can go in, buy cards, and even log-out. If you can’t make it to the actual game, you can always buy as many cards as you like in advance! And don’t worry, we will credit your winnings automatically if you win.


Good luck, and have fun! :)