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Lady Gaga’s highschool photos!
Discussion started by CH MARIE , on 27 June 12:37 AM

Lady Gaga may be one of the world’s most shocking pop stars – but here she is as a student at an exclusive Manhattan girls’ school. The singer has made a name stunning fans with her bizarre costumes and edgy performances. But before she was a star Lady Gaga was known as Stefani Germanotta and went to New York’s private ‘Convent of the Sacred Heart’ Catholic school.


In her senior profile in the school’s 2004 yearbook Gaga gives her nicknames as ‘Stefi’ or ‘The Germ.’ She says she was ‘separated at birth’ from fellow pop star Britney Spears and should be pictured with her ‘midriff showing’. Gaga also writes that her dream is to one day be ‘headlining at Madison Square Garden’ and that her ‘prized possession’ is her piano. The star adds that her pet peeve is ‘ordinary people’ and that she did not go the reunion because she ‘had an audition’.

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