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recess cartoons in Children of the Cornchip


Kelso calls the company of an untested chip, which Cornchip Girl promptly tests. She says that it is tasty...VERY TASTY! That last quote is puntuated by a scary close-up and a disturbing scene where Kelso screams in terror as a shadow looms over him. Thankfully, he is only petrified with fear and he is alive and well. Gus then remembers that the untested chip supply was from an European town that he once lived at, and a bunch of incidents like the one at Kelso's was abound. Meanwhile, Cornchip Girl manages to smuggle the chips into the lunch menu (though some scary methods, no doubt), but the chips and Cornchip Girl were revealed just in time, and Cornchip Girl, now a werewolf, runs afoul of Gus, now dressed as Sherlock Holmes. He eventually confronts her on the roof and returns her back to normal though some theatrical events. The chips then end up in the kindergarten pen, and one of them eats one... i do not own this video