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Fake Accounts
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TOPIC: Fake Accounts

Fake Accounts 3 years, 4 months ago #3098

  • tylersnan
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Rogers Here in the UK we LuB U.

Fake Accounts seem to be a constant problem
here on OuR Bingo Site.

Sadly, while others have tried their best to
keep this bingo site fair and free from those
who would abuse YOUR kind will - this has not
taken place without some of our members being
hurt or feeling intimidated.

MORE REALLY does need to be done to STOP the
few who PERSISTANTLY abuse this site.

It simply has to be "Fair Play for All". As
I know you are able to ban people I know you
too will be saddened to see the decent members
of Rogers Bingo Closing their accounts and
leaving us.

Fraud is Fraud

when or if a person were to win a Jackpot with a
fake account your Company would Act.

PLEASE can more be done to PREVENT fraudelent or
fake accounts?

I am sincerely NOT wishing to hurt anyones feelings.
Or Inflame an old argument. BUT, this is an ongoing
argument that is causing turmoil to your depositing
Loyal Bingo Customers.

My best friend thought she was being targeted as she
was residing with me. Others have felt the same way.
There is only one answer & that is to BAN anyone who
uses a Fake Account or at the very least PLEASE show
your members that You are Taking this situation

It should NOT be left to your customers to Police this
Bingo Site? Whatever their feelings against me I actually
feel sorry now for Macbeth and Gordon57.

Please help us to make this Bingo Site fair for everyone.

Sending LuB to our Furry Friends

tylersnan - Donna Xx
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Re: Fake Accounts 3 years, 4 months ago #3104

  • Gordon57
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I have always tried to be fair. I have not attempted to 'name and shame' anyone who I was not totally certain of being an account abuser, someone who signed up for many accounts and had therefore committed fraud.

Many messages were posted to highlight the issues, and one weekend I made a point of checking the list of player sin the Freeroll games, then published lists of false accounts. In that respect, a false account was one where the name on the profile was a simple bash of the keypad, not a real name. Things like Mr 'yykwd xxhxhsw' or similar. Accounts that had been set up that were invalid, they did not contain real names.

Lots of abuse was thrown at me for this, admin took the messages off following 'complaints' - but why? I had not named anyone as such. The only one I am concious of "exposing" was Raleigh Tlller, an American who signed up under the anme Cleo or Clell, with numbers after the name - we saw well over 150 accounts created by this one person. It was not fair on other that he could grab a free account, plus the £25+ bonus for each, and then sign up for another, and another, when he's used the bonus.

I put up a list of the basics of playing bingo, common sense to most, but sometimes it needs spelling out in plain English. That was complained about, and then one of the CH's put their own version on, confusing the issue yet again. Mine was taken down.

It was shown, clearly, that other people had multiple accounts, or were mis-using accounts set up in the names of family members or friends. You should come on at 5am and look at the players names in the Freeroll game - there may be a handful of 'real' players in other rooms, but somehow there are dozens of names entered for the free game.

If a player is genuine, and they stick to one account, then all is well. What seems to have happened is that some who were abusing the system were frightened that their activities would be exposed and they could lose their ill-gotten gains. Not all of them were in it for kicks, playing on a free account with bonus money. Some had used credit cards from family members to set up extra accounts, and by doing so they were able to use the bonus money to gain cashable winnings. They were also able to enter the Freeroll games with these extra accounts.

Sad to say that Rogers Bingo management are NOT taking action as they should do. These fake accounts appear daily. There's one woman who creates 2-3 new ID's each time she visits the site. These are the obvious ones, who put their own name on the account and use the same photographs. There are others who change the details, and I've no idea who a lot of them are.

Until they open their mouths that is - and start to brag in chat that it's 'so and so' under another name. Yes, they are daft enough! Dafter still when the CH's 'LOL' and welcome them under their alias! Yes, we've seen it many times.

It is wrong that other players are policing this sort of activity, but Rogers don't seem to be too bothered. Even when they get feedback that is quite clearly showing abuse, they choose to ignore it.

A while back the administrators assigned 'Rogers_Bongo_Mod' to deal with issues in these discussion areas - guess what, that account is now 'banned' - did the Mod open extra accounts too ?

I try my best to promote this site to others, to encourage newcomers by taking time to explain things to them, to post these messages to try and help others. What I don't need, and don't feel I deserve, is being called a liar or being given negative 'karma' for the time and effort I've put in. It's happened, and I have happily yelled at Rogers about it.

I was going to close my account and leave some time ago, but missed playing and missed the various games. Other people have also said they were going, but carried on just the same. More abuse was thrown at me for that, but why - what did it have to do with certain people what I do?

As I've said, those playing fair have nothing to worry about. Those abusing the system, even if they don't realise they are doing it, should consider where they stand. Read the terms and regulation (site rules) and find out what the site owners say about playing on more than one account - if they find out, and they often do, then you could lose winnings and even have your account (s) closed.

I've not written this with any one person, or group of people, in mind - just as a general explanation of how I feel about those who are cheating the system, and other players.

Jackpots HAVE been won by fraudsters, but I cannot give details as that would get someone complaining about my message yet again! Just what Rogers do seems to vary from case to case and it's not for me to discuss their business here.

Rogers will not discuss the matter here, they've said so before. They will not let us know if accounts have been banned when abuse reports have been sent to them.

I've not brought the topic up for some time, but as a topic has been created I may as well add my 2p worth. There is much more that could be said but I think that's a pretty good overview of what's been going on.

Those who know me will probably say that I am fair with everyone, and try my best to help where I can. It's not that long ago that someone, who has recently been very abusive, posted a thank you for the help.

Gambling sites always attract a few who should never be allowed to join, as they try and infect others with their nastiness.

And Donna - I've no bad feelings towards you. I tried to reach you by giving you my email address many weeks ago, but had no response. All I wanted to do was correct something you had said, without causing any upset in open discussion. I did make a comment, nothing nasty about you at all, but then someone else complained and the post was deleted. I felt that I wasn't being given the opportunity to respond to your message at the time, but you were nowhere to be found to try and sort it out. You've since said that if anything you write offends then to let you know - fair enough, I tried to, but others jumped on my back before you come on the site again.

As long as we're all playing towards the same set of goalposts we should be able to enjoy our games and chats. I fear that Alcohol has played a part in some players minds when they've launched into a verbal attack on someone. There's no need...
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Re: Fake Accounts 3 years, 4 months ago #3105

very well said gordon xxxx
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Re: Fake Accounts 3 years, 4 months ago #3106

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Re: Fake Accounts 3 years, 4 months ago #3107

  • reece
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have some ppl got no lifes to take such an interest in what others are doing or not doing,isnt this site for fun not your lifes work,if i were you and a few others i would channel you energies in something more forfilling or join the police lol
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Re: Fake Accounts 3 years, 4 months ago #3108

  • Gordon57
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reece wrote:
...if i were you...

And you're not - so what's your point?

There are some real problems and some of us don't like to think we are being cheated out of potential winnings by abusers.

Then again, if you're one of those with multiple accounts, then maybe you don't want anyone to look deeper into this? It would suit several people if I just sat and watched the traffic all day.

As a matter of interest, I have worked very closely with the Police for most of my life, only health issues prevented me for joining up.
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