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worst celebrity tattoos
Discusión iniciada por burygirl , el 14 Julio 12:16

I think Britney Spears tops my list but go ahead and name n shame x

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god rest her sole xxx R.I.P amy winehouse xx i have got 2 say that some of her tattoo's r ghastly and even look terrible and so close 2gether
Viernes 21 de Diciembre de 2012 02:56
LOL I agree with you johnny, what a joke lol
And.. have you seen Miley Cyrus' tattoos?.. G-R-O-S-S!
Sábado 14 de Julio de 2012 23:18
one of the worst i've seen lately is from the man-child that is known as bieber with his ridiculous and insanely cartoonish 'BELIEVE' on his forearm although to be honest i'm not convinced it's real - it looks like a henna to me but hey *shrugs*
Sábado 14 de Julio de 2012 01:19