Slots Tournaments

Slots TournamentsWhen you look to play online slots you may want to consider playing one of the many slots tournaments.  Let’s take a look at how to play a slot tournament and what makes it different from just simply playing the slots like you normally would.

While there are some differences with the wide variety of slots tournaments there are some basics that are normally the same.  A tournament has an entry fee where players buy-in.  Sometimes you will see these tournaments as freerolls where players get a free buy-in or there may be a way to get into them using comp points but for the most part players will just pay a small fee as the buy-in.  With most of the tournaments the prizes are determined based on the amount of players entered along with the buy-in. You might have a tournament where 40% is paid for first place, 20% for second, 10% for third and then a number of other places paid minus what the online casino takes as their cut.

When you are playing a slot tournament you will start with a set amount of credits just like everyone else.  All of the players will be playing a slot machine and play for a set period of time. The winner is the one which has the most credits on their machine when the tournament is over.

Keep in mind when you are playing a slot tournament that you do not win the amount of credits or jackpots that you might hit. Your credits are totaled and then money is paid out when the tournament is over based on the predetermined payouts.  With slots tournaments there are a lot of different prizes that can be awarded and in reality your chances of winning can be better than just playing a single machine on your own which is why they are popular.

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