Different Types of Bingo Games

Bingo GamesWhile there are three main types of bingo games there are literally hundreds of varieties.  Let’s look at the three main bingo games you can play online and then the six main varieties.

The three main games are 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo.  In 90-ball bingo you have a card with 27 squares that has three rows and nine columns. You get 15 different numbers with five in each row.  Normally with 90-ball bingo you can win in numerous ways as if you hit one row, two rows or all three rows.

80-ball bingo is a little different because you have five rows and four columns.  It is not as popular as 90-ball or as 75-ball.  The 75-ball version is popular in the U.S., Canada, and it is growing in popularity in South American and in Europe.  With 75-ball bingo you have 5 horizontal and five vertical columns for 25 squares.  The center square is free.  This is the main type of bingo card that most people are familiar with as BINGO is printed at the top and you have columns with each letter.  The goal is to get a BINGO before anyone else.

While 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo are the main types of bingo games, there are many different varieties.  The main six are 5 in a row, progressive bingo, blackout, Texas blackout and four corners.  With 5 in a row it is simple as you are looking to get Bingo in a row, whether it is horizontal, diagonal or vertical. The first player to call out Bingo wins.  Progressive bingo is where the jackpot grows and carries over until it is hit.  Speed bingo is where numbers are called out very quickly while blackout is where every square on your card has to be covered to win.  Texas blackout is where you are going for odd or even based on which number was called out first. Four corners is simple enough as you are looking to cover the four numbers on the four corners of your card to win.

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