Congratulations to Annierocks for winning our first Dream Vacation Series Game and selecting the Greco-Roman Cruise vacation.

Rogers Bingo is proud to offer The Greco Roman Cruise aboard Princess Cruise Line as part of its Dream Vacation Series!

The trip will include:

  • Return Airfare for two!
  • 7 Day Mediterranean Cruise aboard Princess Cruise Ship! (Balcony Cabin!)
  • Includes:   Rome, Itea,Cephalanea , Santorini,Kusadasi,Crete, Athens
  • 1 Night stay in Rome, Italy
  • 500 Euros Spending cash!

Ports and Excursions:

1. Rome, Civitavecchia, Italy

Your gateway to the Eternal City, Civitavecchia has served as Rome’s seaport since the 13th century. The port has a long and venerable history. The emperor Trajan built a pleasure villa near the modern city, while Bernini and Michelangelo designed the harbor fortifications. The ancient capital of the Western World and the center of Christianity for nearly 2,000 years, Rome provides an inexhaustible feast. Visit the ruins of the Forum, view the splendors of the Sistine Chapel, or climb the Spanish Steps, once the heart of Rome’s Bohemian Quarter. Rome has been a magnet luring the world’s greatest artists, architects, and philosophers since the days of the Caesars.

St. Peter’s Square and Basilica
St. Peter’s Square is a bustling piazza where the masses receive the Pope’s weekly blessings. This ornate square frames the entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica, where St. Peter was martyred and buried.
Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel
Rich in religious and cultural significance, The Vatican Museums house one of the most impressive collections of art in the world, including the Sistine Chapel, home to Michelangelo’s masterpieces.
The grandest of Rome’s monuments, the Colosseum was used by Emperors to entertain the public with spectacular games. Built in 1st century AD, the amphitheater is an architectural and engineering wonder.
Trevi Fountain
The largest and most famous Baroque fountain in Rome, legend has it that if you turn your back and toss a coin into its aquamarine waters, you are guaranteed to return to the Eternal City.
One of the best-preserved monuments in the Eternal City, this magnificent, cylindrical building with 16 towering columns, built more than 1800 years ago, is a truly awe-inspiring look back in history.
Spanish Steps
The Piazza di Spagna is the site of Rome’s most beautiful stairway, the Spanish Steps. Designed in the Roman Baroque style, its unique butterfly design will charm you with its graceful elegance.
Piazza Navona
A celebration of Baroque style, this lively square is situated in the historic center of Rome. Street performers and outdoor cafes surround three intricate fountains that dominate the piazza design
The center of political, religious and commercial life in ancient Rome, this vast ensemble of ruins echoes the grandeur of a ruling empire and reveals historic remnants of an advanced society.
*Book special tours with Princess Cruise Sightseeing and City tours

2. Itea, Greece (for Delphi)
In a land as ancient as Greece, the city of Itea is a mere upstart. This bustling commercial port on the Gulf of Itea was founded in 1830. Famed for several fine beaches, Itea is also the gateway to Mount Parnassus and Delphi. For the Ancients, Parnassus was home to the nine Muses while Delphi was literally the center of the world. It was to Delphi that figures both mythic and historic came to consult Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, whose prophecies always took the form of enigmatic hexameters.

Delphi Archeological Site
Delphi is one of the key archaeological sites of Greece, considered to be an important religious and political center. The oracle of Delphi was renowned for its predictions of the future.
Delphi Archeological Museum
One of the world’s richest museums of ancient Greek art, its collections represent all the cultures that flourished in Greece: from the prehistoric age until the Classical Period.
Delphi Village
Delphi is a charming mountain town with spectacular scenery and the remains of ancient Delphi within the boundaries of the modern village. Stroll its main street in search of local crafts.
Located high up on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, this picturesque mountain village is a popular winter ski resort. In the summer, it’s a cool respite featuring breathtaking hiking trails.
Cephalonia (Argostoli), Greece
The largest of the Ionian Islands, Cephalonia possesses a classic landscape with an arid mountain interior and a rocky seacoast punctuated by bays and beaches. Mount Ainos, the island’s major peak, towers a mile above sea level, while the busy seaport of Argostoli is Cephalonia’s largest town. The Jet Set and the international yachting community have frequented the old fishing ports of Fiskardo and Sami since the late 1950s. But the island’s population soared in the 1980s and ’90s, as increasing numbers of general travelers discovered Cephalonia’s superb beaches, dramatic caves, and picturesque villages.
Lake Melissani
Cephalonia’s largest cave lake features aquamarine waters and dramatic stalactites, and was the site of archeological finds such as figures of the god Pan left behind by a former Minoan culture.
This picturesque little port, popular with the international yachting crowd, is the only village on the entire island to emerge unscathed from the Great Quake of 1953.
Drogarati Cave
Discovered 300 years ago when an earthquake exposed the entrance, this spectacular two million year old cavern features dramatic stalagmites and stalactites, and a magnificent hall called “Sala of Apotheosis.”
Located on the northeastern coast of Cephalonia, this resort features shops, cafes, and tavernas. It also served as the principal location for the 2001 film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.”
St. Andrew’s Monastery
This 16th-century monastery was the sole building to survive the Great Quake of 1953, which exposed ancient frescoes and icons on the church wall. St. Andrew’s serves as a small museum today.
Rombola Winery
This charming winery uses delicate, golden Rombola grapes to produce the island’s native white wine, which features a fruit-like taste so delicious it has been nicknamed “Nectar of Immortals.”
Beach – Makyrs Gialos
Golden sand and warm crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea make this pristine beach, nicknamed “Long Beach,” one of the island’s most popular destinations for sunning, swimming, and water sports.


3. Santorini, Greece
Whether the Lost Continent of Atlantis is rooted in myth or reality, an undisputed fact remains. The eruption created a caldera – and one of the most dramatic land and seascapes in the entire Mediterranean. On Santorini, whitewashed buildings cling to vertiginous cliffs that plunge to a turquoise sea. Part of the Cyclades Archipelago, the three-island group of Santorini, Thirasia and uninhabited Aspronisi present the traveler with unforgettable vistas.

At the northern tip of Santorini lies this charming Greek village, known for its picturesque architecture, cobblestone lanes, pristine whitewashed buildings and a host of welcoming cafes, shops and blue-domed churches.
Perched on the edge of a dramatic cliff, the island’s capital boasts a stunning combination of Cycladic and Venetian architecture, outstanding views of the submerged volcano and an aerial cable car transportation system.
Prehistoric Museum
A treasure trove of history and culture, this museum contains an excellent collection of artifacts found in excavations throughout the area, including the archeological site of Akotir, known as Santorini’s “Pompeii.”
Palaia & Nea Kameni – Santorini Volcano
These uninhabited islands, located in the center basin of Santorini, were created by a series of volcanic eruptions 3,500 years ago. Jagged black lava and therapeutic hot springs characterize their extraordinary landscape.
Winery Tour
This region is famous for world-class wines and unique vinification methods. Visit some of the world’s oldest vineyards and learn how the micro-climate and rich volcanic soil produces such a full-bodied bouquet.
Black Sand Beach (Kamari)
This seaside village, on the southeast side of Santorini, is famous for its expansive and dramatic black sand beach. Created by volcanic activity, this area is teeming with watersports, cafes and tavernas.
Santorini Crater
A volcanic eruption around 1650 B.C. caused the center of the island to implode into the sea, forming a huge water-filled crater called the “caldera,” which legend proclaims to be the lost city of Atlantis.
The Mountain of Prophet Elijah
The island’s highest point towers 2,000 feet above the sea and offers panoramic views of Santorini.


4. Kusadasi, Turkey (for Ephesus)
From the port of Kusadasi on Turkey’s Anatolian Coast, one travels into the past. Nearby stand the ruins of ancient Ephesus, a major site of archeological excavation. The city was once a Roman provincial capital and trading center. Ephesus is also home to several of Christendom’s holiest sites. St. Paul preached at the Great Theater and the ruins of Ephesus’ Basilica cover the tomb of Christ’s most beloved disciple, St. John the Apostle. In Kusadasi, whitewashed stone houses rise in tiers behind the market district. The palm-lined esplanade is the center of town life, with thousands of merchants offering wares to rival the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Enter the city though the Magnesia Gate entrance and walk down a marble road to the ruins of this Roman provincial capital. The major sites are the Odeum, the Celsus Library, the Temple of Hadrian, the Fountain of Trajan and the Great Theater. The theater had seating for 25,000, and is the site where St. Paul preached to the Ephesians.
House of the Virgin Mary
The Vatican has recognized this small house in the Solmissos Mountains as the final resting place of the Virgin Mary. A small shrine dedicated to St. Mary was found when the ruins of the house were first discovered.
Basilica of St. John
Built by the Emperor Justinian over the tomb of St. John the Apostle, the ruined Basilica once rivaled St. Sophia in size. A number of graceful columns and colorful mosaics survive.
Ephesus Museum
This small museum in Selcuk boasts an incredible collection of Hellenistic and Roman statues, carved reliefs and artifacts from the ruins of Ephesus.
Terrace Houses
Located in a newly excavated area across from Hadrian’s Temple, these houses are finely decorated with mosaics and frescoes.
This is a traditional hillside village. Browse among the tented stalls and shops, view the Byzantine church. Sample the local wine and stop for a cup of Turkish coffee.
Carpet Weaving and Shopping
Carpet weaving is a cottage industry in Turkey and here you can observe the different stages of the carpet making process.

5. Crete (Heraklion), Greece
Heraklion is the capital of Crete and one of the Mediterranean region’s most fascinating and vibrant cities. It is full of places to discover.  With the current efforts to open up the wonderful mediaeval city centre, it speaks to us of a past full of history and great events that reflect its location at the crossroads of three continents. The city is also the commercial and technological centre of the island. It has a strategic geopolitical position in the south-eastern Mediterranean Sea connecting three continents and many different cultures. It offers a wealth of museums, a summer-long arts festival, historical sightseeing, amazing nightlife and events throughout the year. Whatever the purpose of your visit, your stay in Heraklion will be one to remember.

6. Athens (Piraeus), Greece
The past maintains a vibrant presence in the cradle of Western civilization. Atop the Acropolis, the serene Parthenon sails above the commotion of the modern city. The tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides were performed in the Theater of Dionysus at the foot of the Acropolis. On Pnyx Hill, citizens of a fledgling democracy gathered to cast their votes on Athens’ destiny. Then there is the hustle and bustle of the modern city, a metropolis of 4.5 million that spreads out from the foot of Mt. Lycabettus and across the plain. Packed with busy shops and lively tavernas, modern Athens is a colorful counterpoint to classical Greece. Piraeus is the port city for Athens and has been Athens’ port of entry for over two millennia.

The greatest of all archeological sites, the Acropolis dominates the Athenian landscape. Ascend 80 steps, take in the views and marvel at such glorious monuments as the Parthenon and the Erechtheum.
The Plaka
Under the slopes of the Acropolis, Athens’ oldest district features wonderful boutiques, cafes and tavernas. Stroll through its narrow streets, for foot traffic only, and enjoy a plethora of shopping choices.
Temple of Olympian Zeus
The largest temple in antiquity was 700 years in the making. Fifteen of its majestic Corinthian columns still stand, dominating the center of Athens and paying homage to Zeus, ruler of the Olympian gods.
Old Olympic Stadium
Built on the foundations of a 4th-century B.C. arena, this stadium hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and was used in the 2004 Olympics.
Athens Museums
World-class collections can be seen at the Museum of the City of Athens, the Byzantine & Christian Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, and the National Archaeological, Benaki and Acropolis Museums.
Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion
Built in the 5th century B.C., overlooking the dramatic coastline of Cape Sounion, this cliff-top temple dedicated to the God of the Sea is an imposing landmark for sailors from ancient times to today.
Ancient Agora
“Agora” means “a place of gathering” and this expansive area – the heart of Athenian life and the center of ancient Greek democracy – once served as a marketplace, civic center, and seat of justice.
Ancient Corinth, Corinth Canal and Corinth Museum
Corinth boasted a forum larger than Rome’s shops, fountains and other public buildings, including the massive Temple of Apollo. The Corinth Canal is a 19th-century engineering marvel.

Ocean Princess Cruise Ship
Ocean Princess is one of the Small Ships of Princess®, reserved for sailing some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Onboard you’ll bond with a smaller community of just 680 passengers as you indulge in the warm, welcoming service for which Princess Cruises is renowned.

Traditional: This ship offers a formal dining room in the grand cruise tradition, with Traditional Dining at the same times for each meal, with attentive service provided by your own waiter throughout the cruise.

Specialty: Our ships’ restaurants are always in big demand and this ship’s options are no exception, serving up exquisite local specialties and gourmet favorites. Reservations recommended. Sabatini’sSM (Italian restaurant, Sterling SteakhouseSM, and Ultimate Balcony Dining.

Casual: Want to maximize your pool time and minimize your mealtime? Get a quick and satisfying bite whenever you like at our Casual Dining eateries, or get take-out and dine by the pool. Enjoy the Panorama buffet (including Pizzeria), Deck barbeque, Afternoon tea, and 24-hour room service.

Ocean Princess Entertainment
To say the nightlife onboard is entertaining is an understatement. Illuminating the stage in captivating productions, the performers are some of the most talented musicians, singers and dancers at sea. Princess Signature Shows, lounge performers, movies and casinos are just some of the entertainment passengers will enjoy as they escape completely.

This ship’s theater is designed with great acoustics, the best seats in the house, and stellar acts. The movies shown are all first-run feature-length films.
Hot Spots
These intimate and exciting venues feature dazzling casinos, night clubs, dance floors and more.
Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy space to sip cocktails with someone special or a swanky place to make new friends, Princess ships provide it all at the Club Bar, Casino Bar, Pool Bar, and Tahitian Lounge.

Fill your days with activities and do nothing the next. Take a personal enrichment class, do yoga, go duty-free shopping, or just relax with a dip in one of the pools or spas. The many activities onboard this ship is designed to stimulate, educate, entertain, inspire and sweat. From art auctions to our Lotus Spa, this ship is loaded with fun things to do.

You’ll enjoy complete relaxation as you float serenely in the main pool, Thalasso Spa pool, or take a dip in one of this ship’s invigorating hot tubs.

Our ships will keep you on the run, literally, with paddle tennis, jogging tracks and state-of-the-art gyms equipped with machines that’ll keep your heart rate pumping. Enjoy the Lotus Spa®, gym and fitness area, golf practice cage, shuffleboard, andJogging track.

When is a cruise an opportunity to enrich? When it’s a Princess cruise. This ship offers area lectures, art exhibits and classes taught by local experts. World-class art collection, gallery and auctions, ScholarShip@Sea®, 24-hour Internet Café (wireless access available), and a Library.

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